Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HEY! remember in the early 90's everyone was talking about the doctor who kill's his patients? of course you do, everywhere they were making jokes about it...

yeah, you know, it had the whole country going "the doctor is in.... SANE!" or, hold on, what's another one...? oh yeah! how about this one? "the doctor is out...... OF HIS MIND!"good stuff. didn't he win an award for that?

oh wait, there was another guy and this was the real deal. not a movie doctor, a real one. this doctor's name is Jack Kevorkian, and his story was part of the whole "right to life" rigmarole. terminal patients who were in so much in pain that they wanted to be afforded a safe physician's care to help end their suffering and die with dignity. you can take whatever stance you want on euthanasia, now me personally? to me, it was my least favorite Megadeth album, it didn't have the full on thrash sound of "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?"

HEY! speakin' of albums, you know who else recorded an album? that real life doctor guy i was talkin' about, you big silly! yes, Dr. Jack Kevorkian is not only a doctor imprisoned for 8 years in a state penitentiary for his medical services, but he is actually a very gifted jazz musician, as well.

i listened to his jazz album "A Very Still Life", and though i am by no means a jazz aficionado, i thought this album was quite eclectic in it's moods. there is a lot of different flavors on here, some of my personal favorites- i like the somber feel of "Whispering, Came Violets" and the aptly titled "Strange Loops" is an unbridled beast of sound that actually get's tamed at the very end. nothing too peculiar about his brand of jazz, although oddly enough, towards the end of the last track, "Une Lettre de Jean", it is solely a organ and does sound very much like a funeral. all in all, a nice soundtrack for a rainy day, with a cup of joe. if you care to take a listen, here's one of the tracks-

if you are interested in hearing the whole album click here for a free download of it. the music speaks for itself but i will leave with words of the good doctor himself, and you can take them for what they're worth...

... but you don't have to take my word for it;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

in cinematic history, only one scene brings tears to the eyes, as it actually captures on celluloid the abstract concept of the beauty which is LOVE. with it's desires, i could stack up these tires, and still not kiss the flame of love's fires. ya see that's what love does... it inspires poetry. but, oh yeah, you probably have guessed it already,about that thing i was talking about? the most romantic scene in the history of a butt ton of movies!? yeah, it's that sweet scene from Police Academy 4...