Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what makes a man? hmm?...GGRrrrrrr..! food for thought.a tough existential quandary, for sure. of course the easy answer would be nards. hell, i have 'em, you have 'em, even the wolfman has nards.

....but i digress, for what a makes a man should be more than just your twig and berries. then you get into muscling those toes and arms and legs. with enough focus and drive your ego and bravado can be all that you know. yous guys should rock to this!

but yeah sure, muscles can be a way to physically express ones manhood, but woman can workout with similar results.face it, there are woman that could kick a lot of us dudes asses!

yeah the worship of testosterone can be a little too you could look to the cranial.and goddamn!where do you even begin?!yours guess is as good as mine....

AAAhhhh, i say to HELL with it!
you want to know what the measure of a man is?! i say it's his fuckin' chin. that stoic jaw with the 5 o' clock shadow, it means something. and that something is mean... and when i say "mean" i mean this motherfucker has got one bad ass chin! im talking Robert fuckin' Zdar you bitches, if ya didn't know!

now that's a fuckin' chin right there! and that big beautiful chin belongs to Robert Z'Dar , so don't forget it. and his chinning doesn't stop with the Maniac Cop movies, this man is a professional..

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